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Qigong Specials

Please note:

Monday, November 19 is the LAST DAY to register for Qigong 101! It won't open again until next Fall.


Sign up for Flowing Zen's Qigong 101 using my affiliate code (opens in new window) and receive a discount on my in-person classes* and/or in-person or online private lessons for all of 2019!

See below for additional details and terms.


In-person Classes:

  • 10% off any in-person class* taken in 2019 (classes are typically purchased in 8-week sessions with six sessions in a year) 

  • Increase to 50% off the last session if you enroll in all six sessions given in 2019! Combined with your discounts on the first five, that is like getting an entire 8-week session for FREE!

Private Lessons:

  • 25% off private lessons taken in 2019.


  • Student is not required to sign up for all six sessions to get the 10% discount on any individual session.

  • Student must sign up and pay for all six 2019 sessions to get the 50% discount in the 6th session. (If registered for fewer than six sessions, the discount on the last session of the year remains at 10%.)

  • Qigong 101 has a money-back guarantee. If you exercise this option, your Tao and Zen Healing discount no longer applies.

*Discount may not be available for the Brookline Senior Center class, as I do not control the pricing for that class. More information as it becomes available.

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