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Qi Balancing Basics

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

When the body’s qi — or vital energy — is balanced, we are healthy. When it is out of balance, sickness or dis-ease develops. The good news is that the body knows how to heal itself. Sometimes it just needs a little help. That is where Qi Balancing comes in.

What is Qi Balancing?

Based in classical Chinese medicine, Qi Balancing is a non-touch form of healing that brings the body's qi back to homeostasis. A typical session includes a body scan to assess the energy, the application of external qi for balancing, and instruction in qigong exercises and/or meditations for your specific energy imbalance.

Sessions can be done in person or remotely. If in person, you are lying comfortably on a massage table, with a heating pad and/or blankets if you wish, and you are welcome to take a nap. (You can also sit in a chair or stand if you prefer.) You do not need to be mentally present for remote sessions, though taking a break during your scheduled time may help you integrate the session more fully.

A Sample Report from a Qi Balancing Session

Here's a report from a recent client visit. He came to me with a complaint of neck pain and headache:

I could feel the tension in your neck and shoulders. The energy coming into your head was super strong, but the bottoms of your feet (kidney 1 acupuncture point, which drains unnecessary energy into the earth) were totally blocked. Nothing was coming out. I could feel very little in the rest of your body, like it was jammed full and nothing could move. It felt distended.

I opened up your kidney 1 points. They were clogged like old pipes, with some dense, thick material stopping the flow. Once I eased out the gunk, everything else came gushing out like a tidal wave.

I also do Buddha Palm on everyone, just because it feels nice and relaxing, but it's also great for getting the energy flowing smoothly.

Afterwards there was still a little residual tension in your neck/shoulders, but that should work its way out, now that there's nothing holding it back. The rest of your body felt much more accessible. There may be more to work on, but often it's better not to try to fix everything all at once so that the body is not overwhelmed. What I worked on is what I sensed as most urgent.

Will Insurance Pay for Qi Balancing?

Qi Balancing may be eligible for reimbursement from HSA/FSA accounts. (Check whether you are covered for qigong, qi healing, medical qigong or clinical qigong.) Check with your insurance provider, and obtain a prescription if necessary.

How Do I Sign Up?

Register for Qi Balancing sessions at 

Remote sessions are always available but are especially useful during the COVID era, when social distancing is a requirement.

We look forward to working with you!

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