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Updated: Feb 9, 2021

A while back I was told that my root chakra was deficient, and part of the treatment plan was a prescription to spend more time in nature. Today, on my drive back from an early-morning event, I was passing Nockamixon State Park. I had some time, so I figured "why not?" and pulled into the parking lot.

OK, the chakra system is a part of Indian, not Chinese, medicine, but what little I know about it makes a lot of sense. And my acupuncturist agrees that, like many people, I need more nature. In fact, nature is a HUGE part of Chinese medicine. Five-element theory, which is the basis for a large portion of Chinese medicine, is based on observations of nature.

Anyway, I parked and wandered around the park, marveling at the snow that had fallen overnight -- just enough to stick to the trees and grass, but it all melted from the roads. There was something magical about the time I spent there, and I walked out refreshed. Nature, combined with a spontaneous, play-like decision to pull into the park and knowing I had all the time in the world to spend there, is just what the doctor ordered!

How to you spend time in nature?

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